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Find your current status of access rights in the Green-Zones App: entry allowed (green), driving ban (red) or early warning (orange).
Find the current status of access rights to your desired environmental zone in the Green-Zones App: entry allowed (green), driving ban (red) or early warning for a driving ban (orange).

Environmental zone Groningen - The Netherlands

Groningen is the capital of the province of the same name in the Netherlands. The northernmost point of the Netherlands lies in the province of Groningen, more precisely near Noordkaap.

Due to incorporations of the municipalities of Ten Boer and Haren, the population of Groningen rose to around 232,000. The city has an area of 76.77 km² and is divided into five urban districts with a total of 64 quarters.

The environmental zone was introduced on 01.01.2017. The driving ban affects the city centre of Groningen. Some main roads are closed so that it is not possible to enter or cross the area.

Further information can be obtained by clicking on the map on the left. Please refer to the table below to find out which driving restrictions apply to which types of vehicle at which times of the day and week in the environmental zone or use or Green-Zones app.

Table overview of the environmental zone

Name der Umweltzone:
Umweltzone Groningen - Niederlande
Umweltzone in Kraft seit:
Art der Umweltzone:
Ständig gültig, 12:00 (mittags) - 05:00 h
200 €
Gebiet/Ausdehnung der Umweltzone:
Das Fahrverbot betrifft die Innenstadt von Groningen. Strategisch wichtige Straßen sind so gesperrt, dass weder ein Einfahren, noch ein Durchfahren der Zone möglich ist.